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Falling For A Sex God Named Harry…

(This Fan fic has some pretty sexual content … just a warning but hope you enjoy it!)

My phone lit up as i got a text from my friend Alex *don’t forget you’re coming to the party with us tonight ! xx*

I quickly replied with *how could i forget… you have been trying to get me out for the longest ! see you tonight*

My friends always tried getting me out to parties because it was something i didn’t do very often

i looked through my closet looking for what i would wear to this party i really had no excitement of going to…. after a while i settled for cute tight black dress that was hanging in the back of my closet

The afternoon quickly passed by and i started to get ready for the party and shortly after that.. surely enough Alex and the rest of my friends showed up at my door

"Wow ! (Y/N) you look awesome!" said Alex when she sees you.

"thanks" you say with a slight smile not so sure of yourself.

"Don’t worry ! we’re going to have i promise" Alex quickly adds.

you arrive at the party making your way through all the people dancing, the drunks, the people off flirting in the corner, to the table where drinks are being served. You’re not much of a drinker but tonight can be a slight exception.

As you start to walk away from the table you notice you have lost track of your friends and can’t spot them through all the people surrounding you “Alex !?” you finally let out looking from one side of the room to the other.

you didn’t watch where you were going until you feel yourself run into someone else…………………

"wow , easy there haha looking for somebody ?" says this gorgeous tall guy hovering over you

"sorry" you softly say as you walk away

20 minutes later you find yourself still looking for your friends when you see that same guy you ran into earlier with his gaze fixed on you from across the room

he slowly approaches you

"hey i never got your name" he says with a big smile showing off his dimples

"Oh i’m (Y/N) what’s your name ?" you say , you don’t really care but you’re just being polite.

"dance with me ?" he asks " oh and my name is Harry"

"no thanks , i’m looking for someone" you reply as you walk away

*it starts to get late and there still is no sign of any of your friends*

you decide to just leave and head back home, after all you do only live a couple blocks away.

you start to make your way through the people and out of the party

as you walk down one of the streets you feel as if you’re being followed you turn around to make sure no one is… surely enough you see nothing.

you continue walking at a faster pace…suddenly you feel yourself being pushed into an alley. You try to fight back but they are too strong and have a good grip on you, you feel yourself being pinned up against a brick wall in the alley

"no one says no to me, much less walks away from me" says a familiar voice

"I-i’m sorry i was just looking for my friends, please don’t hurt me" you say through your heavy breath.

"oh i’m not going to hurt you baby, but someone else might" he says kissing your neck.

you try to push him off but he doesn’t budge.

he continues to kiss at your neck, sucking and biting “Let me take you home” he finally lets out.

you refuse. But he doesn’t take no for an answer.

he drives you home in silence, when you pull up in front of your house

"I’m sorry, i wasn’t trying to scare you i just thought you might need a lift"

"it wasn’t necessary, but thanks" you say

"I’d like to see you again" he quickly adds

"yeah… i don’t think so" you say as you’re getting out of the car

"I don’t take no for an answer remember ? plus i know where you live" he says with a big grin on his face.

SHIT. what have i got myself into now you think to yourself.

"tomorrow at 7 be ready" he adds before you close the door behind you

Great (Y/N) now you have a really bossy,creepy, weird, gorgeous stalker

The next day you dread for 7pm to come, you do not wanna spend time with some random guy you barely know who followed you home and pushed you into an alley in the middle of the night who left a love mark on your neck as a reminder.

you change into some shorts and a cute sheer top

exactly at 7pm you get a knock on your door. you open it and sure enough there he is. Harry.

"ready ?" he smiles

"i guess" you say emotionless

he opens your door and you climb into the car, he drives you to a restaurant

You are absolutely terrified, you have no idea what to expect.

"We’re gonna get something to eat" he says looking at you almost as if he knew what you were thinking.

you’re greeted by a lovely waitress who seats you , you can’t help but notice how much lady attention harry gets from the women in the restaurant.

"if he gets this much attention from girls.. why is he out with me" you think to yourself.

you look up at harry and stare at him for a moment

he catches you staring at him and gives you a wink

your cheeks turn bright pink because you know you’ve just been caught

"hey what’s that on your neck !?" he says pretty pleased with himself laughing

you roll your eyes at him

"what don’t act like you have never had one before" he replies

you stay silent

"holy shit, you really have never had one.." he says

has anyone ever done this to you? you have no idea what he’s talking about until you feel his hand wandering up your thigh from underneath the table

"has anyone ever touched you like this?" he whispers

you push his hand away shocked at his forwardness and how he doesn’t care you’re in public.

he looks up at you with a big smirk on his face enjoying your reaction.

After you’re done eating harry drives you home and walks you to your door

you’re standing there for about a minute when the front door flies open.

"Oh i’m sorry, didn’t know you were back" your mom says

Oh god. really mom. really. you didn’t know. how smooth. you think to yourself

"No worries ma’am just saying goodnight to your daughter and thank you for letting me take her out" he says with a polite smile.

"Well aren’t you adorable ! what’s your name ?"

"errm.. where are my manners ? sorry. My name is harry"

"Well nice to meet you Harry" your mom smiles "We’re going to breakfast at Rosie’s Diner tomorrow round 9 am you should join us" she says smiling as she goes back inside

…………………………Oh mom what have you done………………………..

"thanks, and goodnight" you say with a slight smile heading for the door

"wait" harry says as he grabs your arm and pulls you twords him

"no goodnight kiss?" he says smiling and showing off his dimples

"not tonight" you reply playfully

"was i really that bad?" he says

"umm… you actually weren’t" you shyly reply

"well then what’s the problem ?" he replies

"that’s the problem" you quietly reply

he gives you a big smile, kisses your cheek and says “I’ll see you tomorrow babe”

you walk inside your house

"MOM !?" you yell out

"in the kitchen honey" she calls out

you walk over to her

"what did you just do !?" you blurt out

"I invited your little friend to breakfast, he seems really sweet"

Oh mom you have no idea.

you head up to your room and look for some pj’s to change in to.

You find some and change into them….

As you’re ready to get into bed you hear something coming from inside your closet

you get up to have a closer look and BAAAAM the doors of your closet go flying open

"WHAT THE FUCK ! you scared the shit out of me ! oh my god.." you nearly shout out.

Harry can’t even talk as he’s laughing really hard no noise is coming out.

"not funny jerk, what are you doing here!? how did you get up here i thought you left".

"well you ask a lot of questions don’t ya love, nope i just drove my car down the street, walked back and well it wasn’t that hard to climb up here.. you should really lock your window" he says with a smirk on his face.

No one’s ever gone through so much just to spend time with me, you think to yourself.

"well, you can let yourself out" you reply

"you know you don’t mean that" he says with his gaze fixed on you almost as if he could see right through you.

He walks over to you and starts kissing your neck. ugh it feels so good but you try to push him off.

"Don’t fight me (Y/N), you know you want me" he whispers in your ear

Holy shit. yes harry yes i do. no, no i don’t. who am i kidding yes i do says your inner voice.

he slowly made his way from my neck to my lips leaving small kisses in between you feel his hot breath on your neck.

this kid is giving me goosebumps.

he gently grabs your face and starts to kiss you, at this point you don’t even try to move away and you kiss him back.

he slowly slides his warm tongue inside your mouth wandering inside you.

he softly broke the kiss as he took his shirt off and then slowly undressed me.

There he stood in all his glory, wanting me and me wanting him.

His naked body hovering over me.

He picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to my bed where he gently put me down and kept kissing me.

I could feel his hot breath all over my body.

his hands softly exploring my body leaving gentle kisses here and there.

he placed his huge soft hands above my most sensitive spot as he started to slowly rub in small circular motions with his thumb. he then pulled my panties down smiling up at me.

"I bet no one has ever done this to you either" he whispered

I then felt his warm tongue inside me once again. moving up and down. In different motions.

I felt the cold medal of his necklaces brush up against the inside of my thigh while his fingers traced circles all over my body.

I let out small moan and he looked up at me pleased with himself.

he then took both my arms with one hand and pulled them over my head, he had me pinned down with just one hand. I couldn’t move. But why would i want to ?

i gasped as he went from being extremely gentle to really rough. His eyes looking up and down my naked body.

"I’m going to fuck the shit out of you" he softly whispered into my ear.

Something that made my body tingle. His raspy voice. He was just so perfect.

He slowly pressed his erection against by bare belly, making it’s way down to my entrance. He rubbed his penis around my clit, teasing me and making me beg for it.

"Tell me you want me" he gently spoke.

"I-i want you" i said through my heavy breath

"you want me to what?" he said in a louder tone

"I want you to fuck me" i said smiling up at him

"That’s what i’m gonna do baby" he said smiling at me with his oh so gorgeous dimples.

He made his way inside me. Starting slowly and going faster.

How can this sweet beautiful guy go from being a picture perfect little cupcake gentleman to someone who will fuck the absolute shit out of you and show no mercy.

Gahh  okay i’ll stop cos Harry feels ! let me know what you guys thought ? please -B

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Happy Birthday Bradford Bad Boy ! 2 notes



I’ve got 99 problems and Harry Styles could solve at least 95


THIS. this post is life

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Hot Roomate named Harry Styles !?

Harry is your roommate and you guys get a long very well. He’s usually himself, so he’s very flirty with you as he is with a lot of girls. “Hey ! [y/n] you wanna have movie night tonight just you and me ?” harry says with a big smile hoping you say yes..

"Sure i don’t have anything better to do" you smile at him. you hate spending time with just harry because you can’t keep in the huge crush you have on him, and him being so flawless just doesn’t help.

"Awesome ! what do you feel like watching ? and you want to order pizza or chinese?" he replies.

"you pick" you manage to say falling out of your day dream

Later Harry walks in to the apartment looking for you but he can’t seem to find you “[Y/N]” he shouts as he walks down the hall, he just can’t find you.

You couldn’t hear him because you were in the shower, you wrap yourself in your towel as you’re getting out of the bathroom and heading to your room to get dressed. Harry scares the shit out of you because you weren’t expecting him to be home yet.

"holy shit styles ! you scared me" you yell at him

"I’m sorry i thought you had left" he says with a sad puppy face

"why would i leave, we have a date tonight don’t we?" you say with a smile and a wink. he smiles back

Before you can even think you feel yourself pinned up against the wall with harry kissing your neck. was this finally happening !? this was happening so fast! but you didn’t care you wanted him just as bad as he wanted you

He rips your towel off and picks you up taking you to his room not breaking the kiss

he’s kissing you and takes off his shirt again not breaking the kiss. Holy shit he’s so hot. & he really wants you.

You can feel his big erection against your skin, so you undo his pants and he kicks them off.

he lays you on the bed and pulls you closer to him, he slowly starts to kiss every part of your body as he makes his way down all you feel is his warm tounge swishing and moving up and down inside you

you let out a soft moan as you arch your back in pleasure

He leaned in and whispered into your ear.

“I am going to fuck your brains out tonight. you’re not getting any sleep baby.”

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